Neem Coir

What is Neem-Coir?

Neem Coir is an organic growing medium manufactured by blending Coco-peat with neem cake. Neem cakes are obtained while extracting neem oil from neem seeds. Neem cakes has always been considered a good agri-input as it a good soil conditioner, pest-repellent, insecticide, pesticide and fertilizer. Hence, while blending coco-peat and neem-cakes, a superior product is obtained. Neem-coir can be used for garden plants, fruits, vegetables, palm trees and other trees too.

Benefits of Neem Coir

  • Neem Coir is 100% organic and is renewable.
  • It contains a number of minerals and nutrients, thus reducing the usage of fertilizers.
  • Due to the presence of neem cakes, neem coir protects the plans from nematodes, insects and other soil pests, which are a great threat to plant health.
  • Neem Coir has terrific potential to improve survival, increase growth and productivity of plants.
  • Neem Coir is free of pathogens, chemicals and weeds.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Neem-coir has all the benefits of Coco-peat.


Neem Coir is packed and exported as compressed 5 kilogram blocks and 650 gram briquettes and palletized during shipment.