Coconut Husk Chips

Coconut husk is the rough exterior layer of the coconut and it consists of fibre and is spongy in nature. Due to its spongy nature, the husk keeps the coconut afloat, prevents it from rotting and protects it during the process of germination as it resists excess saturation of salt. Coconut husk is used as a growing medium as it has all the properties to support the growth of plants.

Coconut husks have a stable source of carbon and are highly moisture effective, as they can hold moisture up to seven times its weight. Once the coconut is de-husked, the excess fibre is separated from the husk, which is then cut in small chips. These chips are then baled. Coconut husk chips are resistant towards fungi and have exceptional air porosity. Due to its nutrient holding properties and excellent drainage, coconut husk chips promise healthy growth of plants. They absorb moisture very fast and also retain them.

Advantages of our coco husk

  • Lasts up to five years, hence making it very economical
  • Reduces wastage of material and plants.
  • Highly labour efficient.
  • Has high water absorption capacity and at the same time, allows excess water to drain down.
  • Coconut husk-chips are very porous.
  • Weed and pathogen free
  • As it has high nutrient holding capacity, it cuts down fertilizer application up to 30%
  • It is hassle-free after repotting.
  • Neutral pH (Power of Hydrogen ion).
  • 100% natural and the raw material is a renewable resource.

Husk-Chip Sizes

The coconut husk can be cut into chips of different sizes, so as to suit the requirement of the buyer.


Coco-peat is packed and exported as compressed 5 kilogram blocks and 650 gram briquettes and palletized during shipment.