Grow Bags

What is a Grow-Bag?

A grow bag is a plastic bag containing sufficient amount of sterile growing medium and nutrient that allows plants to grow to their full-size. It is an eco-friendly alternative for peat, perlite and soil. We can supply grow-bags with 100% Coco-peat or we can blend Coco-peat and Coconut husk-chips at the proportion required by the customer. Both these varieties of grow-bags support good plant and root health

Product Details

  • 100% organic
  • Pathogen and weed free
  • Has stable physical properties that are maintained throughout the crop cycle

Advantages of using a Grow Bag

  • Saves on time and labor as it does not require any digging and heavy preparations.
  • As it can be easily wet and rewet, a grow bag absorbs water readily and has a water holding capacity of 77%.
  • In spite of its good water holding capacity, it permits the required drainage and aeration.
  • This pathogen and weed free growing medium, promotes faster and better root and plant growth. It also guarantees higher yield.
  • Using grow bags helps in saving up to 50% water and also reduces the fertilizer input by 70%.
  • Grow bags facilitate easy, systematic and uniform irrigation and fertigation

Grow-Bag Size Specification

S. No. Dry Size (in cms) No of grow-bags per pallet Total number in a 40’ HCL container
1 98 x 18 x 2.5-3 325 6400
2 98 x 15 x 2-2.5 550 11000
3 96 x 16 x 2.5-3 340 6800
4 88 x 13 x 2-2.5 575 11500
5 20 x 20 x 3 1100 22000

Though these sizes are mentioned, grow-bags will be manufactured and supplied at sizes that suit the buyer’s requirements.

Quality of the Grow Bags

The coco-peat supplied assures high quality as special care is taken to reduce electric conductivity (salt contents) and in also neutralizing the ph-level to suit horticulture standards. The coco-peat blocks supplied are bacteria and weed free.

Number of Grow Bags required per Hectare

5000-7000 grow bags can be used per hectare of land, depending on the size of the grow bag.

Packing Details

Grow bags are individually packed in high density UV treated plastic bags that have a two year validity period.