Green India Exports

Green India Exports was previously known as Cupid Coir Products and at that time the organization focused on coir products only. Green India Exports was re-formed in 1996 as a partnership firm producing coconut shell ice cream cups. The company has spread its wings and now manufactures various products for the Food Industry, Bird-feeder Industry and Horticulture Sector.

Why buy from Green India Exports?

  • What makes Green India Exports stand apart from all other competitors is the quality of our products. It would be very difficult for our customers to source their products from any other company because of the excellent quality they are used to, when they buy from Green India Exports.
  • Along with the quality, we also respect timeframes. The business we are in supplies materials to three sectors namely, Food, Bird-feeder and Horticulture and all the products move rapidly. Hence we know the importance of dispatching shipments at the right time.
  • Our prices are the most competitive; as we are the producers and direct exporters of our products and we make sure that our customer finds his money,s value in the products that he sources from us.
  • The partners as well as the whole team love challenges! We love to try new things and design new products, so our customers find it very easy to give us a brand new design and get their products flawlessly made, according to their specifications.

Mission Statement

" A promise to exceed the expectations of existing and prospective customers in quality, time-frame and pricing by putting their requirements ahead of our comfort."